See what other golfers are saying about the Putterwood Putters.

Matthew Markle

“I have tremendous confidence knowing that when I have the Putterwood in my bag, I’m going to make way more putts!”

– Matthew Markle
Assistant PGA Professional

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“The ball rolls very true. I lined it up in such a way that I could see my line and as I watched it roll it just kept rolling over and over and over. Which just reinforced the feeling I had when I struck the putt. Great feel! Great feel! At the end of the day, the most important thing about the Putterwood is I make more putts!”

John Nessel, Handicap 8

“The Putterwood simply just results in a higher coefficient of restitution. Faster speed off the face of the putter with less input energy. It’s just fascinating to confirm the physics that are built into this putter really do perform. I’m impressed with how it performs, I’m impressed with how it feels, and I’m impressed with the test results that we got!”

Dr. Steven Tipton, PhD. Professor of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tulsa

Brad Britton

“I’ve had thousand dollar putters in my hand, but I can seriously say this is the most solid putter I’ve ever felt. The biggest thing I have seen with the Putterwood is the toe hit and the heel hit, I don’t see any difference in getting the ball to the hole. The ball doesn’t come up short. It’s amazing! The face is so solid. The feel and the way the ball comes off, I thought the Putterwood was superior to every putter I’ve ever had. It was the most solid putter I’ve ever had in my life.

Brad Britton, PGA Professional & Touring Professional

Dominic DiGiovanni

“The Putterwood was the best club I’ve ever used!”

Dominic DiGiovanni, Handicap 12

“I was making more putts with it, both long and short putts!”

Steven King, Handicap 11

Steve Toti

“I used the Putterwood for 18 holes and it changed my game by 10 strokes!”

Steve Toti, Handicap 18

“I used the Putterwood side by side with my own putter and I made twice as many putts with the Putterwood! I made way more putts with the Putterwood!”

Mike Armbruster, Handicap 10

“The Putterwood was consistent. It had a good sound to it and a good feel!”

Brian Ferrell, Handicap 13

“I was just making everything and they were going right in the middle!”

Lawrence Vavrek, Handicap 12

David Larose

“I consistently was making more putts!”

David Larose, Handicap 16

Jordan Hobbs

“The ball was rolling immediately off the Putterwood. I felt like the sweet spot was the entire face of the putter. I’m very impressed with the Putterwood!”

Jordan Hobbs, Assistant PGA Professional

Ken Zimmer

“I was quite skeptical that the Putterwood would have any positive effect, but the solid nature of the putt and the way that it sets up, and the consistency you get from every stroke is something that I’ve never experienced before!”

Ken Zimmer, Handicap 16

Emily Gimpel

“The Putterwood rolls amazingly well.  The feel of the putter is extremely soft, yet solid.  I felt like I was able to control my distance from anywhere on the green!”

Emily Gimpel, Touring Professional

Ben DeArmond

“I think the feel was very consistent across the face. The roll on this putter is very, very good!”

Ben DeArmond, Head Golf Professional TPC at Treviso Bay Naples, Florida

Pete Meurer

“I love the Putterwood! The feel of the Putterwood was fabulous. I could take this out on the course today and feel like I’m going to putt really good. The distance control to me was phenomenal. I think the Putterwood is a great putter! I really do.”

Pete Meurer, Handicap 0

David Schermer

“You make more putts with the Putterwood!”

David Schermer, Handicap 20

“With the Putterwood I felt like I was more consistent with my putting. I seemed to make more putts with the Putterwood. I was consistently making more putts!”

Michael Mahoney, Handicap 18